The Dissemination Programme serves to inform people about the Red Cross Movement. The aim is to create uniformity of action and to influence the behaviour of the people we work with, through a better understanding of the Fundamental Principles and Humanitarian Values of the Red Cross. The three main target audiences are Staff and Volunteers working within the South African Red Cross Society, public and private authorities and members of the communities that the South African Red Cross Society work with.

The target audiences are trained and guided by the Red Cross to implement activities based on the South African Red Cross Society core programmes.

In building partnerships and better cooperation with government and other service organisations, it is important that they understand the Red Cross mandate and legal status and that they respect the Red Cross emblem.

By applying these principles and values, the South African Red Cross Society hopes to create a better society where there is respect for the human being, non-discrimination on the basis of nationality, race, gender, religious beliefs, class or political opinions, mutual understanding, friendship, cooperation and lasting peace among people.


South African Red Cross Society KZN implemented its Integrated HIV and Tuberculosis Program during 2007, reaching out to clients infected and affected by HIV and Tuberculosis. These clients with our support have been given a new lease on life.


Home Based Care is based on the development of a care plan for each client in terms of their level of need and disease process. The emphasis is placed on empowering clients and families to become knowledgeable and self-sufficient in the management of their disease process.


Our Peer Education and Communication model focuses on Life Skills, Adolescence Development, Sex and Sexuality, Sexual Reproductive Health, HIV and AIDS and Gender Based Violence. This programme encompasses youth between the ages of 14 and 35 years.


Psycho Social supports the psychological and emotional well-being of the community by providing counselling, consultation and crisis intervention. All cases adhere to strict standards of confidentiality.


Disaster Management is a multi-sectorial, multi-disciplinary process that reduces the impact of a disaster by issuing necessary logistics to the victims of disasters.


The programme helps people to re-establish contact with immediate family members after seperation due to armed conflict, natural disaster, migration and other humanitarian crises.

The South African Red Cross Society is heavily reliant on donor funding for its operations, however it aims to prolong the organisations long term sustainability thus there is a need to invest in further sustainable enterprise programmes. The sustainable enterprises generate a source of revenue while benefiting the communities it serves. The South African Red Cross Society has various Sustainable Enterprise Developments in:


South African Red Cross Society recognises that early childhood is a crucial period for growth and long time development in a persons life. A majority of our children in South Africa do not access quality early childhood development programming. Thus in line with our strategy of Saving Lives and Changing Minds, SARCS strongly promotes holistic care and services for our youngest citizens.  We have initiated Model Crèches and Preschools to meet the children’s physical, social, emotional, language and cognitive development areas.  In supporting young children’s development rights to protection, survival and development our creches constitute:

  1. Safe and Secure Infrastructure
  2. Quality age appropriate play stimulation programmes incorporating literacy, numeracy and lifeskills.
  3. Health, Water Sanitation Hygiene Practice, Psycho Social Support Programming.
  4. Nutrition programmes.
  5. Access to a wide range of outdoor and indoor educational toys and equipment.
  6. Small classes.

Our daily learning programmes are outcomes based and in line with Department of Education and Department of Social Development norms and standards.

The Income generated from the Model Crèches and Preschools are ploughed back into rendering services for HIV and AIDS as well as Tuberculosis patients.

Email: kznfundraising@redcross.org.za to:

  1. Enrol your child in our Model Crèche or Preschool in your province?
  2. Support us by providing resources and toys.


The South African Red Cross Society identified the crucial need for creating sustainable livelihood opportunities for those vulnerable by poor health to strengthen economic development within their marginalised community.

Farming Projects are for the enhancement of nutritional values to the most vulnerable HIV and Aids clients, orphans and vulnerable children. This project is designed to ensure the sustainability of the existing Health and Care program across the KwaZulu Natal Province.

This program embarks on the improvement of the nutritional program in schools, particularly schools in rural communities where majority of the children reside in poverty. School children walk for long distances to school without having a proper well balanced meal which will assist them in maintaining a level of concentration at school and strength to carry them throughout the entire day.

The program will also assist with the provision of food relief during disasters, when victims are evacuated to community halls or marquees as a result of their homes are burnt down by fires, floods, blown away by heavy winds, hailstorms and tornadoes which are common risks. During the above catastrophes the South African Red Cross Society, assist the beneficiaries with hot meals which are sourced from public donations, the availability of which is not guaranteed.


  • Promote eradication of poverty and preventable diseases through the provision of quality nutrition for vulnerable persons.
  • Promote tangible quality of life improvements for vulnerable adults and children through the healthy nutrition.
  • To build capacity for farm growth and self-sustenance.
  • Strengthen and supply local school nutrition programme with fresh produce.


  1. Donate seeds.
  2. Provide your farming skills and time.
  3. Donate equipment.
  4. Donate pesticides.
  5. Donate protective clothing.
  6. Donate organic fertilizers.

For further information please email: kznfundraising@redcross.org.za


One of the South African Red Cross interventions have been the purchase of a portable oven, that can produce up to 32 loaves of bread. Bread being a basic commodity is very difficult for people in remote villages to get, as they have to spend approximately R90 return to go to town to purchase a loaf of bread. This bread is purchased by the community and thus saves it members lots of money, thanks to instant payday loans. Volunteers also bake cakes for local parties and funerals. The monies generated from the Bakery is used to sustain this project and help the vulnerable in the community.

Kindly help us by:

  1. Donating instant bread mixes.
  2. Donating baking ingredients.
  3. Donating a portable oven.
  4. Donating your baking skills and time.

For further information please email: kznfundraising@redcross.org.za


Due to high levels of unemployment amongst women, Red Cross has initiated a Sewing Proect. Training as been provided by local dressmakers to equip the ladies with basic sewing skills. The ladies sew tracksuits, work uniforms, chair backs and tablecloths which are then hired out for functions. This project has created employment and enhanced ladies skills in the community. The income generated from the Sewing project is used to sustain the project, meet some of the expenses and help the vulnerable in the community.

Kindly help us by:

  • Sharing your sewing skills and time with our ladies.
  • Donating sewing machines.
  • Donating material and cotton.

For further information, please email: kznfundraising@redcross.co.za



The Poultry Project was developed to enhance nutritional status, weight gain, improve health statuses, create employment, reduce hunger and food insecurities in low income areas. The eggs and chickens are sold to the community at competitive prices thus assisting in alleviating hunger. All staff attended a course on managing poultry and on implementation of a poultry project. The income generated is used to sustain the project, meet some of the expenses and are ploughed back to the vunerable in the community.

Kindly help us by:

  1. Sharing your poultry knowledge and time with us.
  2. Donating towards the upkeep of the poultry farm.
  3. Donate food.

For further information, please email: kznfundraising@redcross.org.za