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About Volunteers and COVID-19

On 5 March 2020, the first case of COVID-19 was reported in Kwazulu-Natal. Now, just over 100 days in lockdown, SARCS has been working tirelessly to assist the South African Government with public awareness, hygiene promotions, risk communication, media relations, contact tracing and distribution of hot meals to vulnerable groups. All of this is made possible by our volunteers.

A Red Cross Red Crescent volunteer is a person who carries out volunteering activities for a National Societyoccasionally or regularly.   Red Cross Red Crescent volunteers work for a more humane and peaceful world.    This is the official definition, but, on the ground, they are so much more.

“I’m passionate about people and also inspired by community development and making a difference, especially for the most vulnerable people of society.  I have been volunteering for more than ten year’s and believe that I’ve made a difference in many people lives and the community”,  says Mrs Gugulazo Mhlongo.

A SARCS volunteer remarked after distributing food parcels to orphans and child-headed homes in Mamelodi, Pretoria: “It has made a great impact and difference to our community and the children who benefited from food parcel.  We know it is not easy running around to arrange that we reach vulnerable communities. We would also like to thank all the people that donated and helped in packing, making sure that they reach to people in a very dignified manner.”

The South African Red Cross Society,  “Always Needed, Always There”

Mrs Gugulazo Mhlongo, Volunteer   South African Red Cross Society, Kwazulu-Natal


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