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Disaster Management

Always needed, Always there

By September 10, 2019 No Comments

Since the beginning of the week large protests and violent attacks has taken place in the capital and other parts of South Africa led to injuries and loss of lives.

These social protests involved in some cases a high degree of violence, including attacks to public buildings and private companies. Police are deployed to in key locations to try to control the situation. Some supermarkets are still open for a few hours per day but there are big concerns about the evolution of the situation, some schools are closed. Many key streets of the capital and other cities have been blocked. This has an impact in terms of access by the population to basic services and goods.

While this is an undesirable and unfortunate consequences continue, the South African Red Cross Society (SARCS) as an impartial, neutral and humanitarian organization will be exercising its mandate by responding to this emergency.  It is especially at these times thus requiring the neutrality and services of the Red Cross, which can reach every nook and all persons regardless of their origin.

Red Cross continues to feed hundreds of people displaced due recent violent attacks. Volunteers are deployed in 2 community halls in Katlehong to help cook for over 250 people affected, also providing first aid to the injured and psycho social support.

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