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Press Release: Recent Violent Attacks

By September 5, 2019 No Comments

Since the beginning of the week large protests and violent attacks has taken place in the capital and other parts of South Africa led to injuries and loss of lives.

These social protests involved in some cases a high degree of violence, including attacks to public buildings and private companies. Police are deployed to in key locations to try to control the situation. Some supermarkets are still open for a few hours per day but there are big concerns about the evolution of the situation, some schools are closed. Many key streets of the capital and other cities have been blocked. This has an impact in terms of access by the population to basic services and goods.

While this is an undesirable and unfortunate consequences continue, the South African Red Cross Society (SARCS) as an impartial, neutral and humanitarian organization will be exercising its mandate by responding to this emergency.  It is especially at these times thus requiring the neutrality and services of the Red Cross, which can reach every nook and all persons regardless of their origin.

South African Red Cross Society (SARCS) is a National Society established through an Act of Parliament as a legal requirement under the Geneva Conventions which were recognized by the UN Charter of 1949 ensuring that the Red Cross and Red Crescent movement has Permanent observer status at the UN General Assembly in New York and at the African Union in Addis Ababa.

SARCS plays a supplementary or auxiliary role to government in humanitarian matters in times of disasters, peace, war and internal strives.

The role of auxiliary of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement to the governments in the humanitarian field is characterized by a specific legal status, based on the humanitarian law, the rules established by the movement and the national legislation of each state.

The property and infrastructure of the foreign nationals have been destroyed. A number of the foreign nationals and South Africans have been physically attacked and injured as a result of the violence. Due to the violence in the CBD on 2nd September 2019, 20 shacks burnt down leaving a total of 169 people destitute. This group consists of: 40 children, of which 6 are under two years of age (four of whom have lost all their school gear and books); 23 females, some of whom have lost their passports, some others their documentation including clinic cards; 106 males, of which three are blind, some of these men lost all their documentation including asylum documentation, and passports.

The South African Red Cross Society as the humanitarian organization is working closely with the government of the country. The Joint Operation Centers (JOC) has been established to look into the current violence. Taking into consideration safer access of volunteers and staff on the ground during field assessment, SARCS is monitoring the situation. Emergency services are embarking on evacuating the affected people to safer areas. The South African Red Cross Society will then provide relief assistance (Hot meals, blankets and hygiene packs) jointly with Disaster management centers, MMC of Social Development, Office of the executive mayor and other organizations (Faith based organization). In addition, SARCS will provide First Aid assistance at the affected areas and refer to main hospitals for serious conditions or further assessments Psycho Social Support as people are traumatized.

SARCS will also activate helpline for Restoring Family Links for those who have been separated with their family members to be assisted to establish family links through telephone service.  This will be done through SARCS Emergency Operations Center in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Therefore, the South African Red Cross Society is calling upon community members; cooperate to donate non-perishable food items, blankets, mattresses, and hygiene packs.




Account Name: South African Red Cross Society
Bank name: Standard Bank
Account Number: 001355929
Universal Branch Code: 051001
Reference: Violence + Tel No

Registration No: 000-852 NPO

PBO No: 930 040 174

S18A Tax Certificates can be issued for all donations


South African Red Cross Society (SARCS)

Ms Mabel Koketso, OD Advisor, Phone: +2778 003 9383, Email:


Mr Mmapadi Kekana, Digital and Communications, Phone: +2773 014 8896, Email: mkekana@redcross.org.za

Mr Lwando Zandile, National Disaster Manager, Phone: +2781 017 6575, Email: lzandile@redcross.org.za

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