Meet one of our Master Trainers in First Aid, Mr. Freddie Kgwasi

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Meet one of our own, Freddie Kgwasi, residing in the North West province, Mafikeng in the village named Top village. A young and vibrant man who is enthusiastic and dedicated to the SARCS organization. 

He joined the Red Cross in the year 2013 after hearing one of the late HBC members told him about that the organization has interesting programs for youth in and out of school, she then mentioned “Peer Education” that made him fall in love with the organization right on the spot.

“I asked for location and address to the office, I visited the offices and paid my membership, being with the Red Cross is a wonderful blessing and an honor to me, I love this organization with all my heart for they never judged me on my educational background or my life at all but believed in me. SARCS has believed in me and enrolled me on programs that were offered to volunteers namely: peer education, first aid and enrolled me with to do a disaster training with UNHRC and PDMC.”

In the year 2013 Mr. Kgwasi was trained and obtained competent certificate as a facilitator. He then started working as First Aid facilitator, “I was developed and pruned by the SARCS by lots of trainings and workshops. In 2017 Freddie is employed by the Red Cross as a Master Trainer of First Aid in the North West province.

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