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Nikela to Johannesburg Ngo thando

By November 15, 2018 No Comments

Natural disasters can have long-term negative consequences beyond the immediate loss of life and demolition of infrastructure. Often, an area impacted by a natural disaster will show scars of the event for years to come.

To eliminate loss of lives has Johannesburg Red Cross has Disaster Preparedness programme which is the action taken to minimize the negative effects of the disaster through effective precautionary measures.

Effective precautionary measures such as educating the community and the public on disaster mitigation to ensure adequate, timely, appropriate and efficient response to disaster situations, To achieve these objectives, volunteers undergo training in First Aid, CPR, Fire Training, Domestic Water Purification, Water and Sanitation, Health and Hygiene Promotion, Disaster Preparedness and Relief, Ensuring essential stock and resources are identified and available to support all Provinces when disaster strikes.

The branch also has OVC(orphans and vulnerable children programme) , due to the high levels of HIV, many children are left orphaned. Red Cross volunteers work with these vulnerable children to help them prepare for a better future. The programme provides psychosocial support and counselling to OVC to help them understand and cope with the death of their parents. This includes helping them to create memory boxes, filled with objects, written stories and other items that remind them off their parents. This can help children to overcome their difficulties of coping with bereavement at such a young age.

Children are also given practical support such as school uniforms, food parcels and help with accessing social welfare grants and inheritances. Red Cross volunteers work with teachers to ensure that children living with HIV are given the support they need and that they adhere to their HIV treatment plans. Regular support groups are held, where children can socialise, play and learn about protection from HIV. The activities are varied and tailored to the needs of the children.

The branch offers First Aid Skills Program  training which enables them learners to demonstrate an understanding  of elementary scene  management, demonstrate an understanding of elementary anatomy and physiology, assess an emergency situation , apply First Aid procedures to a life-threatening situation and treat common injuries. This enables learners to perform CPU during medical emergency.

Red Cross the courses are available to the public and are accredited by HWSETA.

For us to continue with our mandate we need your support on  #GiveWithLove #NikelaNgoThando campaing.

Our #NikelaNgothando Campaign is appealing for public donations of Clothing, Shoes and non-perishable Food items. The items will be distributed to groups worst affected by poverty including‚ the unemployed‚ the less educated‚ female-headed households‚ large families and children.

For drop off contact the branch on 011 053 8927 or you can visit the branch on  42- 7th Ave, Florida.

Get more information on our Humanitarian Mobile Application (SARCSAPP) available on App Store and Play Store




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