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Nikela Germiston Ngo thando

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Germiston branch that is in  27 Driehoek Road, Germiston. That is led by Barbara Jensen.

We often stress out as where and who can take a good care of our elderly during our times at work and , Red Cross will always be there for you at all times, with our beautiful hygiene, secured and multi-residence housing based in the Germiston we are committed to take care of your elderly people.

Our old aged home takes care of our elderly 24/7, during their times at our home they receive this services: Health and hygiene education, nursing care, Facilitate access to treatment, HIV & TB treatment adherence and support, and etc.

This branch also provide Disaster Management, which is a multi-sectorial, multi-disciplinary process that reduces the impact of a disaster by issuing necessary logistics to the victims of disasters. The activities are done through the two types of assessments namely: the rapid assessment which is then followed by the in-depth assessment to deduce the impact of the disaster and take effective measures in resolving the issues at hand.

Disaster risk management requires specialist input and support due to hazardous conditions which may prompt loss and understanding of vulnerable factors that increase the severity of the impact. Thus our programming is facilitated by experienced staff and volunteers in consultation with government, local authorities and communities. Disaster risk management is thus carried out to lessen the impact of the disaster. Despite being called upon by authorities the South African Red Cross Society is not remunerated for its services. We rely on funding from individual donors to support disaster relief programming.


The branch offers the following training.

  • Home Based Care is based on the development of a care plan for each client in terms of their level of need and disease process. The emphasis is placed on empowering clients and families to become knowledgeable and self-sufficient in the management of their disease process. Home Based Care volunteers, are recruited from the community and have the advantage of understanding local people who are known and trusted by the clients. Red Cross train their volunteers, who in turn educate their communities and clients.



  • First Aid Skills Program which enables them learners to demonstrate an understanding  of elementary scene  management, demonstrate an understanding of elementary anatomy and physiology, assess an emergency situation , apply First Aid procedures to a life-threatening situation and treat common injuries. This enables learners to perform CPU during medical emergency.

  Red Cross the courses are available to the public and are accredited by HWSETA.


For this branch to be operational we need your to support. #GiveWithLove #NikelaNgoThando

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