Training of Trainers

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The South African Red Cross Society is in partnership with Belgian Red Cross- Flanders to empower and improve the current SARCS first Aid capacity. Belgian Red Cross- Flanders is one of the best internationally when it comes to First Aid techniques, research and training of trainers. During the week of the 4th to 14 April 2018, 16 Red Cross Volunteers will be embarking on an intensive 120 hours course training focusing on new First Aid techniques, didactic approaches and global First Aid methods. The 16 SARCS volunteers will be competent to train other trainers. This exercise will give SARCS capacity to prepare for any national disaster that might require First Aid responses either in emergencies, governmental elections, accidents or any other fitting deployment that requires First Aid skills. The training is done using the African First Aid Material which is evidence based approached and benched marked with over 16 African countries. The training is paving a way for the 16 master trainers to train 50 instructors who will deliver First Aid training country-wide, producing 290 First Aiders.  This is a long term investment. The candidates will be qualified using the Belgian Competency requirements.

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