First Aid lessons for creche educators

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Port Elizabeth branch conducted an activity to celebrate World First Aid Day by targeting a creche in Motherwell. The event was held on Friday the 6th of September at the Siyabulela Creche located in a previously disadvantaged area under the Nelson Mandela Metro Municipality.

The event was coordinated together with the school principal and governing body and was well attended by educators from other creches in the surrounding areas together with parents of the children attending the said creche. Great enthusiasm was shown by attendees as it raised awareness on the importance of basic first aid techniques for household emergencies as well as first aid emergencies that may affect small children at nursery schools.

Since this year’s theme for this day was domestic accidents, which refers to all the sudden and unexpected events that can occur at home that can cause injury or death. Nandipha Linda (Red Cross) demonstrated and enlightened knowledge of nose bleeds to parents, teachers and children at Siyabulela Creche, Motherwell, and Port Elizabeth.

A demonstration took place to show both children and adults how to deal with bleeding and other life threatening situations. Participants were able to participate in simulations in assisting with cuts and abrasions, nose bleeds, fainting and asphyxiation. This included using materials to control or stop bleeding as well as applying artificial respiration and CPR on a casualty.

The second part of the programme included a fire safety and fire drill exercise. The creche only had one fire extinguisher and did no fire alarm. Fire drills were not practised often and this was a great concern to the society as small children are the most vulnerable in emergency situations. Educators also did not fully understand how to conduct themselves in an emergency.

In response to the lack of information regarding fire safety, in the interim, a whistle was given to the principal to act as a fire alarm. The process of identifying a safe area and in coordinating the immediate evacuation of children and educators, as well as the importance of doing a roll call was also explained. Follow up interventions in helping this creche develop their emergency procedures will be carried out. Dealing with asphyxiation due to smoke inhalation was also demonstrated.

The branch intends providing first aid training to creche personnel from previously disadvantaged areas and will also assist in developing emergency response plans for the creches in future. In addition, advice will be provided in terms of having fully equipped First Aid kits as well as provision fire extinguishers.

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