Disaster Management

Knysna Fires

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Western Cape: Since the fires that have engulfed the Western Cape, Kynsna and other surrounding areas on the 7th June 2017; those affected with the assistance of IEC who offered bakkies to transport relief material from SARCS and donations from Haarlems school; some members of the community have been helped. Relief items in a form of blankets, including masks to protect them from fire inhalation have been provided by Red Cross in the Western Cape. Hot meals have been supplied and to this day, still are. The solemn aftermath of the fires have seen SARCS remain onsite days after the disaster struck for the people that are still in dire need for support.

Eastern Cape: In Thornhill (Kouga), Van Stadens and Rocklands in the Eastern Cape, 204 people were evacuated including 20 children on the 8th. 56 homes were destroyed, including 3 farms and 2 businesses. 600 blankets were delivered for immediate relief and hot foods to those affected. In a densely forest populated area known as Longmore, 27 houses were completely destroyed and the roof of a creche completely destroyed.  There were donations of chocolate bars, energy drinks and breakfast cereals received from SG Food Group, drinking water and hygiene packs from an anonymous donor and SARCS utilised these to support fire fighters who have worked tirelessly over the past 5 days. 50 volunteers who covered a distance close to 800km were mobilized from the Eastern Cape for Thornhill/Longmore areas that have been devastated.

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