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The South African Red Cross Society (SARCS) as a humanitarian organisation whose mission is to render services to prevent, alleviate human suffering and to foster human dignity in all communities by addressing the basic needs of the people in accordance with the fundamental principles of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, has been, year after year, developed volunteers and caregivers to conduct different prevention campaigns on a monthly basis. The need to create a prevention dialogue was identified and it encourages our communities to stand against Gender Based Violence (GBV). Combination of interventions significantly reduces the number of people who lack prevention information especially those in deep rural areas. However, with all prevention campaigns in place from different societal groups and foundations, sadly in the past weeks there has been an upsurge of crimes against women and our girl children.

SARCS has undertaken to pledge against such crimes and are running different activities from different branches to rally behind the cause because:

Enough is enough!

Limpopo, 23 May. An outreach on drugs and substance abuse integrating GBV was held at Mokopane Primary school where teachers, parents and pupils were given a talk and education behind these issues that are constantly affecting our children and youth. This activity was set out to impart knowledge to the community of Mokopane.

Free State, 24 May. Together with the Methodist Church, SARCS Bloemfontein team headed out to Dinaweng informal settlement to give awareness regarding the recent outbreaks of GBV and disappearance of women around South Africa. The outreach including a door-to-door campaign was integrated with Young Women in Development (YWD) programme whose mandate is to empower young women, filling gaps in the services provided by mainstream (often governmental) services and is carried by SARCS team on a regular basis.

Eastern Cape, 24 May. With an active youth department Jansenville community including EPWP volunteers and reaching out to vulnerable youth across all spectrums of society, the campaign commenced on this day with a community dialogue in Jansenville. On Thursday 25 May an outreach activity will be conducted in Nieu Bethesda. On Friday, a candlelight memorial will be held at the Red Cross Kiosk at the Provincial Hospital from 10h00 to 10h30. Nurses and hospital staff as well as patients who are able to, are invited to join this ceremony. Activities will continue on Monday (29 May) with a community dialogue in Steytlerville and then another dialogue to be conducted in Willowmore. All of these events will culminate in a pledge signing where the participants voice their support to say No More GBV #notinmyname.

Soweto, 26 May. Teams from SARCS Head Office together with SARCS branches within Gauteng have been deployed and will be out in their numbers not only joining in on the #notinmyname march which will take place from UJ Soweto Campus to Regina Mundi Church, but also showing support through provision of First Aid and Ambulance services, in an event where such services are required.




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