Peer Education

Peer educators

Our Peer Education and Communication model focuses on Life Skills, Adolescence Development, Sex and Sexuality, Sexual Reproductive Health, HIV and AIDS and Gender Based Violence. This programme encompasses youth between the ages of 14 and 35 years, with similar background or interests to participate in organised educational activities to enhance their level of understanding, attitudes, behaviour, skills and knowledge through small groups or individual contact in a range of settings such as schools, clubs and places where youth gather.


Peer Educators

South African Red Cross Society recruit youth to serve as Peer Facilitators and Peer Educators to facilitate change in a youth’s life by building young role models within the community which reduce teenage pregnancy, eradicate gender base violence, enhance self-esteem and social status, promote self-development, promote positive peer pressure and give youth a reason to live by helping them discover their inner talent.

South African Red Cross Society has 1078 Peer Educators within the KwaZulu Natal Province strengthening peer knowledge, attitudes and skills, enabling them to be responsible for and protect their own lives and health to approximately 20 0000 youth annually. The model supports educational and knowledge building campaigns in respect of:

Programme flow diagram

Programme Objectives

  • Engage youth from underserved populations as advocates for change.
  • Facilitate Peer Education Training for Facilitators and Educators to improve knowledge and skills to provide Gender Based Violence, Sexual  Reproductive Health, HIV and AIDS campaigns to youth.
  • Peer Educators facilitate peer sessions to explore youth attitudes and values regarding Gender Based Violence, Sexual Reproductive Health, HIV and AIDS.
  • Influence Positive attitudes and values.
  • Develop interpersonal and group communication skills.

Programme Outcomes include:

  • Prevent, protect, respond and support youth in vulnerable communities.
  • Raised awareness of Gender Based Violence, Sexual Reproductive Health, HIV and AIDS amongst youth.
  • Develop effective support systems for youth affected by Gender Based Violence, Sexual Reproductive Health and HIV and AIDS.
  • Reduction of stigma and discrimination affecting youth and families affected by Gender Based Violence, Sexual Reproductive Health and HIV and Aids.

Peer Education empowers the youth with the opportunity to make decisions and influence their lives positively. Youth can control the process of education and information exchange. This is very dependent on community setting and support. South African Red Cross Society Peer Education is community based and developmental that takes into personal and collective responsibilities, self-esteem, critical thinking skills, communication, assertiveness, listening, conflict resolution and  evaluation skills  which serves as an umbrella to eradicating Gender based Violence as a serious and life threatening issue for persons in all communities.



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