Home Based Care


Home Based Care is based on the development of a care plan for each client in terms of their level of need and disease process. The emphasis is placed on empowering clients and families to become knowledgeable and self-sufficient in the management of their disease process. Home Based Care volunteers, are recruited from the community and have the advantage of understanding local people who are known and trusted by the clients. Red Cross train their volunteers, who in turn educate their communities and clients.

The home based care volunteers work with clients to provide:

  • Nursing care.
  • Establish psychosocial support groups for individuals, families and orphans and vulnerable children affected and infected by HIV and Aids.
  • Facilitate access to treatment.
  • HIV and TB treatment adherence and support.
  • Promotion of positive living and positive prevention.
  • Conduct household support visits to the specific need of that household.
  • Health and hygiene education.
  • Nutrition and food assistance.
  • Volunteer’s bath, change and feed patients.
  • Formulate support groups that involve an activity that meet the economic needs of people and where skills can be shared amongst the group.
  • Establish kids clubs within the support groups that offer a protective environment that strengthens children cognitive, emotional, social and physical development.
  • Volunteers when going door to door also assist clients with their grants and help them attain their birth certificates.

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