Training Courses


Our Training is approved by the Department of Labour. 

Red Cross are the founder members of First Aid Training and have provided training in Health and Care for over 100 years. Our training courses are available to the public. Proceeds from Training are used in marginalized communities affected and infected by the HIV and AIDS pandemic.

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Training Courses



Target Group


Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

4 Hours

Schools, Medical, Grannies, Child Carers, Domestic Workers, Churches, Youth, Families, Transport Drivers, Community Members

To render basic resuscitation.

Save A Life (Basic First Aid)

6 Hours

Application of first aid procedures.

First Aid Level 1

20 Hours

Cooperates, Health Care Workers, First Aid Team,  Miners, Educators, Medics, Peer Educators, Family

Perform basic life support and first aid procedures during emergency situations.

First Aid Level 2

4 Days

Cooperates, Health Care Workers, First Aiders

Provide risk based primary emergency care in the work place.

First Aid Level 3

5 Days

Emergency Care Team Leaders, Trainers, Instructors, Assessors, Moderators

Provide first aid as an advanced first aid responder.

Occupational Health and Safety

1 Day

Health And Safety Officer, She Reps, Assessors, Supervisors, Moderators, Managers

Basic safety policies and precautions within the home and work place.

Occupational Health and Safety

2 Days

Health And Safety Officer, She Reps, Assessors, Moderators,  Managers, Construction Workers

Conduct a continuous risk assessment in a workplace/verify compliance to safety, health and environmental requirements in the workplace.

Basic Fire Fighting

1 Day

Health And Safety Officers, She Reps, Trainers

Apply fire-fighting techniques/demonstrate knowledge and use of hand operated fire-fighting equipment.

Home Base Care L1

5 Days

Caregivers, Community, Nurse Aids, Family Members, Healthcare Workers

Client and Family situational assessment including home based care management.

HIV and TB Awareness

2 Days

Demonstrate understanding of sexuality, stis, HIV and AIDS, Tuberculosis and DOTS.


2 Days

Caregivers, Volunteers

HIV and AIDS Test Counselling including support to clients.


10 Days

Health Care Workers, Supervisors

HIV and AIDS Test Counselling including support to clients. Provide and implement ARV treatment plan.

Psycho Social Support and Mental Health

2 Days

Explains the signs and symptoms of stress, stress coping mechanisms, understanding resilience.

Disaster Management

5 Days

Managers capable of Identifying Risk and Hazards Of Dealing With Most Vulnerable People,  SASSA

Phast- helps communities improve their environments, manage their water and sanitation facilities, for the prevention of diarrheal disease. Improve the ability of the vulnerable communities to cope with disasters through community based disaster preparation strategies that build on existing structures, skills and coping mechanisms.

Peer Education

5 Days

Youth In and Out Of School

Youth participate in life skill activities that enhance their level of understanding, attitudes, behavior, skills and knowledge.

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