Become A Member

Why should you become a member?

The South African Red Cross thanks our Members for motivating, encouraging and supporting the Red Cross. The need to be a member and make an active change in South Africa with all the pandemics and economic crisis is required now more than ever.


The process of becoming a member?

All members pay an annual membership fee and are disseminated on the Red Cross fundamental principles and core programmes at their local Red Cross Branch. Members are given membership cards and a Membership pack.


Age of members?

We offer memeberships for adults, senior citizens, youth and school children each with their own prices and own group activities.


Benefits of being a Red Cross Member:

  • Members have the opportunity of Discounted Rates on Training.
  • Members also have a sense of pride in being affiliated to an international organisation. 
  • Members serve on the Governance of the South African Red Cross.
  • Members participate actively in the work of the South African Red Cross.


Time and commitment from a member?

Members participate actively as well as serve on the Governance of the South African Red Cross Society thus they can choose in which activities they will like to participate in and the time they have on hand.

Please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more membership details or fill out a membership form.


Why should companies become members?

In this day and age where Corporate Governance plays such a pivotal role in sustaining society, all companies would like a platform to give back to the communities that support them. Red Cross has thus created this platform, and would like to help companies achieve their dreams.


The process of becoming a corporate member?

Corporate members pay an annual subscription and have a nominated person who will be eligible for election to any office or position in the Society.


Time and commitment from a Cooperate Member?

The Red Cross has a national and global footprint and thus know many vulnerable communities that are in dire need of help. Red Cross organises and stipulates the needs of the communities making it easier for the Companies.

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